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For Introverts who want to sit & sip a second Macchiato or to eff unsolicited opinions, Comfort Zone Rocks is the Unapologetic Haven* to sustain & strengthen a slow-paced lifestyle.

*NO fuss, NO group distraction. Proudly simple & confidential.


Green juice is NOT the Holy Graal

of happiness when paired with meditation/ yoga at 3AM...

Me Time is NOT lazy time

It's OK take some time off/ alone/ pop the orange juice when all your weekend plans are cancelled.

Flipping tarot is NOT for woowoo only

No need to be into crystals or chakras to get a direct link with your intuition

Sounds familiar?

"Don't be so shy..."

"You're so sensitive/ dreamy/ up in your head"

Every year, there's a new methods to cure your "curse" of intuition/ sensitivity...

Guess what? That's pure BS.

Wouldn't it be more inspiring to create a custom roadmap based on your talents & free from drama?

That's what comfort zone rocks is all about

-> a 7-day lifestyle guide packed to turn your daydream into confidence

Purdey Penrose tools & resources for introverts, intuitives, offbeat to harm no one but take no shit

Who's Purdey?

She's the author of Comfort Zone Rocks who helps Intuitives & Offbeats go from pleasing people to living unapologetically by using her CPR Framework©. Her framework allows you to harm no one but take no s***, cultivate a rock-solid confidence, & trust your intuition.

Purdey's podcast (The Hygge Planner Show) has been downloaded 100 000+ times and 2000+ read her every week. Since 2017, she plants at least 100 trees/ yr to support reforestation.

Funny Facts

After 8 years spent in Montréal (Qc, Can) & Lausanne (Switzerland), she currently lives in France where she fell in love with kawaii sketchnotes.

She craves freedom, seeks (occult) wisdom, hates small talks, BS, fad trends, & mainstream crap.

Kind words from fellow Rockstars...

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I really enjoyed your webinar. Your story resonated with me.

— Marj

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Just got my planner and I am printing it now. LOVE IT! So much juicy info.

— Ceri

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Thank you for the webinar yesterday. I appreciate all the work you're doing to support those in the "virtual world".

— Linna