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Refund & Return Policy

EU Regulations

Purdey Penrose is the founder of The Hygge Planner. ALL the legal dispositions mentioned on The Hygge Planner are applicable on this site

My online shop is based in France which means our Return and Refund Policy has to follow the EU regulations/ laws.


According to Europa.Eu (LINK) If you bought a good or a service online or outside of a shop (by telephone, mail order, from a door-to-door salesperson), you also have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days AFTER you received your goods, for any reason and with no justification.

The 14-day “cooling off” period DOES NOT apply to all purchases.

Some of the exemptions are:

  • plane and train tickets, as well as concert tickets, hotel bookings, car rental reservations and catering services for specific dates
  • goods and drinks delivered to you by regular delivery – for example delivery by a milkman.
  • goods made to order or clearly personalised – such as a tailor-made suit
  • sealed audio, video or computer software, such as DVDs, which you have unsealed upon receipt.
  • online digital content, if you have already started downloading or streaming it & you agreed to withdraw your rights
  • goods bought from a private individual rather than a company
  • urgent repairs and maintenance contracts – if you call a plumber to repair a leaking shower, you can’t cancel the work once you have agreed on the price of the service.

If you're unsure about your rights, use this customer rights tool HERE


I will provide a refund in the 14-day period after purchase (French Time) ONLY if you did not start to use any of our material (by downloading, watching, streaming or any other means). To avoid any litigation, we have chosen an online course platform that tracks automatically which lesson/ module/ step/course/ product you’ve opened or downloaded.

In case of dispute, the terms and conditions will be applied.


(such as our EBooks/ printables/workbooks on or any other platform we’re using), please carefully read the disclaimer.

During the checkout, you are asked to:

-claim you read & understood the terms & conditions

agree to withdraw your rights to ask for a refund now and forever (because Payhip gives you immediate access to the PDF upon checkout)

 -> If you have any technical issue, please contact me at (I'll be happy to assist you)

All our PDF/ Printables sales are FINAL.



If you want to attend or stream any piece of your purchase within 14 days after you buy it (which is referred as the “cooling-off” period above), you agree to withdraw your rights to ask for a refund now and forever. 


If you don’t agree to withdraw your rights to ask for a refund (aka you don’t give your consent), the 14-day cooling-off period will apply AND you won’t be able to download your digital content until the period ends.


I don't accept return for print on demand workbook or planners.

The 14-day cooling off period DOESN'T apply either as each planner is made on demand (refer to EU Regulations section above)

That said if you can document your parcel has been damaged or your workbook/ planner is damaged, I'll be happy to fully refund you upon request AND material proofs.


You have the right to cancel and return your order within 14 days AFTER you received your goods, for any reason and with no justification.

*If you don't want your order at all, it must be returned through trackable delivery at your own expense to O. BOTTIN 3 allée de Savoie 54500 Vandoeuvre lès Nancy FRANCE.

The package must be in perfect condition, never opened, used or re-sealed.

Once I received your package, I'll process to the full refund of your order. -> see below for banking delays

I won't reimburse the return, it remains at your expense.

*If I made a mistake in your order (i.e a sticker sheet of Purdey instead of Huggy), send me an email at with pics.

I'll refund the portion of your order that you never received.

(i.e: your order is $50. You didn't receive a $10 product, you'll get a $10 refund) ->See below for banking delays.

Of course, you can keep and use the product you receive by error.

NO REFUND OR REPLACEMENT if you lose, break, destroy (even partially).... Once the parcel is shipped, the customer is responsible for ALL the potential damages.


You can ask for a refund by sending an email at in which you provide all the details needed (like invoice number, clear date of purchase).

You do NOT need to provide a reason during those 14 days.


If you meet the EU requirements, we will proceed to the refund in a 48-hour frame (this time frame does NOT include the banking process and/or the time your bank service will take to manage the refund).