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Live workshops & courses for those who seek to find their own path to life.

RESET: the Live Workshop

Sick of setting goals & never feel satisfied?

Tired of useless resolutions, you gave up on January 15th?

Then, it's time to HIT the PAUSE BUTTON & learn what works FOR YOU.

Next LIVE round June, 2nd 2022

How To Practice Self Care Even If You Experience Scatterbrain

3 Easy Steps To Cultivate Calmness TODAY

At the end of this 45-min workshop, you'll learn:

✨ How to clear your head from unwanted noise & be passionate about your everyday life by crafting a tailored 5-min ritual

✨ How to free yourself from emotional worries effortlessly by finding THE perfect "soulmate" companion of your lifestyle

✨ How to tap into your inner strengths with confidence & clarity by relying on ONE simple tool (I used it during the darkest moment of my PhD to get over burn out)

How To Be More Intuitive Everyday Without Feeling Oversensitive

3 Practical Ways To Embrace Intuition Without Overwhelm

At the end of this 45-min workshop, you'll learn:

✨ How to sense "fake" emotions from others (& still offer comfort when needed) by trusting your inner compass

✨ How to balance your compassionate nature with genuine self-care without spending money (or getting outside your home)

​​​​​​​✨ How to be self aware of your emotions by allowing yourself to process what's going on around you (in itself, this tip hinders me to commit suicide during my PhD)

[COMING FALL] Become a Cosy Nook Expert

If you think you need to live in a Country Living Manor + hire pricey interior designers to reap the benefits of a cosy nook—think again! 


Subscribe below to get my free guide on the 3 simple & easy ways to turn your house into home sweet home year-round (a $49 value). 


It'll be just comfy & hyggelig.