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for Spiritually Sensitive Introverts

who want to harm no one but take no sh!t

Self Care For Scatterbrained Souls

3 Easy Steps To Cultivate Calmness TODAY

The 45-min ON DEMAND workshop to:

✨ be passionate about your everyday life by crafting a tailored 5-min ritual

✨ free yourself from emotional worries effortlessly

✨ tap into your inner strengths with confidence & clarity by relying on ONE simple tool

INTUITIVE ☑️ not oversensitive

3 Practical Ways To Embrace Intuition Without Overwhelm

A 45-min workshop ON DEMAND to:

✨ acknowledge "fake" emotions from others by trusting your inner compass

✨ balance your compassionate nature with genuine self-care without spending money (or getting outside your home)

​​​​​​​✨ be self aware of your emotions & process what's going on with confidence


Sick of setting goals & never feel satisfied?

Tired of useless resolutions, you gave up on January 15th?

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