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Raise your decaf' venti mocha with extra whipped cream if...

... you avoid talking about the same "smart goals" you take for 10+ years and you give up by January, 15th every year.

... (while you're at your fav' bookstore), you see covers stated "Lose 10lbs to be happy" or "Flawless & Ageless" & your weary soul thinks "I'm such a loser. I never do enough."

But at the same time...

And ...

"Heck, Yeah. I need to join."

ONLY $297

Trust your gut, RESET is made for you

✨ polish your natural skills AND get custom support -> Q&A sessions

✨ ditch years of brainwashing methods -> goals & resolutions are BS

✨ STOP beating yourself up -> cultivate calmness, comfort, & confidence

RESET is your permission slip to

"This is my chance"

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Been there, done that. You're NOT alone

I'll share exactly how my suicidal attempt in 2011 led me to ditching years of self-help guilt trip + crafting counter intuitive tools that created cosiness, calmness, creativity, & confidence in my daily life while owning my PhD in criminology (with honours), writing books + plays, honing my intuition skills, & listening hard rock to fall asleep.

What you'll get

You'll ALSO get...

practical examples, tips, hints,

hacks to customize what you'll learn

Your Not-So-Secret Goodies Bag (Value $197)

Don't waste more time. Now is the best moment

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You're in awesome company

It’s nice to have something to ‘walk’ me through

I love the guided sections of the Bye Bye 2020.

There is so much happening in all of our lives this year that it’s nice to have something to ‘walk’ me through stages of thinking and reflecting in preparation for 2021

— Linna

Finally, a method without guilt trip, who puts me (as an Introvert) first & NOT as commercial goal to brag about a 6-figure month.

— Joan

Very excited to get started

This is such a wonderful idea and something I think many people need to do to help them work through their thoughts and feelings this year.

Thank you for putting this together.

— Bonnie

"Your snowflake personality needs support."

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Who it's for

– the unheard quiet

– the misunderstood introvert

–> the precious soul that wears his/ her heart at the sleeves and wants to feel accepted, free, happy to follow his/her own rules as long as he/she harms no one.

–> the courageous one who picks up the phone at 3 am to support a friend, who takes care of stray dogs/ cats 

–> the heartbroken soul who deserves to be respected for his/her way of living. Judgement free.

– the untamed one who looks for a way to slow down, stay away from drama, find inner calmness, and enjoy simple pleasures.

Who it's NOT for

– the naysayers

– the “follow the herd” fashionista

– the overnight guru fan

– the fad trends follower

– the quick fix, scammer, hoax addict

– the “I must be right, I’m extrovert”

– the “I must spread mean comments because I’m afraid of your calmness, strength, and inner peace”

– if buying this course puts your budget in danger, DON'T buy it.

– if you need 1-on-1 support

– those who can't respect boundaries

We start LIVE on June 2nd 2022

Don't delay your choice.


How RESET is delivered

If not this time, then when?

Don't waste another year beating yourself up while following BS crap that's not made for you.

LAST chance to join for $297

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What people are saying

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i really enjoyed your webinar. Your story resonated with me. Your advice about actively planning "Me" time and the fact it's not selfish is something I work on.

— Marj

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So much juicy information. Enjoy your "Me" day.

— Ceri

Artboard 1

Thanks for your webinar. I appreciate all the work you're doing to support those of us in the "virtual" world.

— Linna

Artboard 1

Ohhhhh I want that book

— Ophira

Artboard 1

I've never seen anyone use Hygge like that... makes me wonder... maybe it works.

— Alicia

Artboard 1

I've learned from your blog that every Human can live a simple, happy, cosy and most important productive life.

— @raisinghappysouls

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I felt an immediate connection. You're real and honest. You helped me to embrace that which I was missing of the Scandinavian lifestyle. Simplicity and warmth.

— Ceri

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You made my day. I'm honoured to be a part of your journey

— Marina De Giovanni

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We rarely take a moment to revel in our victories and to do it with beauty and art and flowers. That is so fantastic! Very helpful.

— Katetremillsauthor

BEST Value

You'll get:
  • 4 LIVE sessions
  • LIFETIME access to the recorded
  • workbook to follow through
  • downloadable slides
  • Q&A sessions to receive personal guidance
  • SECRET bag of goodies (value $197)