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2024 Special ✨ 20% OFF ✨ NO CODE NEEDED ✨

2024 Special ✨ 20% OFF ✨ NO CODE NEEDED ✨

Understanding quantum physics looks easier than spotting a planner you'll love to use long after VDay?

Then, take a deep breath… What if:

⛔️ you stop dreading the hunt for a new planner

⛔️ you stop wasting time & money by using one planner only

⛔️ you stop juggling with multiple planners at once (bye bye headaches)

⛔️ you stop second guessing your needs

⛔️ you stop believing there’s something wrong with you

What if

You can:

  • know why a B5 planner would be a better fit than an midori planner?
  • pinpoint why a bullet journal is not even an option for your actual lifestyle?
  • wrap your head around vertical vs horizontal layout benefits?
  • overcome the FOMO to use 18 planners at the same time when you need just one
  • understand why an academic planner is an unconventional choice but highly useful to meet your book writing deadlines.
  • why there must be a planner for you (once you know what you look for) 😉


Pick Perfect Planner

– Home Study Mini Course

The ABC Method to dig out YOUR perfect analog planner in a week-end, when you’re old enough to drink margaritas 🍹, dream to avoid social gatherings like plague 👻, or door slam Laura the MLM-green juice-addict without a blink.


can’t stick to planning. I tried dozens of time. When something gets in my way, I quit.”


freak out to mess up with my planner. It looks so perfect in its embossed box.”


I have nothing to plan. My life is too crazy. There must be something wrong with me.


“Every time I use a planner, it reminds me I’m a failure because I give up on my dreams 100%. 


"I've tried ALL the planners on Earth. Nothing works. I'm too odd, creative, different, weird..."

What if you can map out your day/week knowing…

– you’ll meet Betty this Friday for the French wine degustation you enrolled ages ago.

– all your work is done on time without the pesky sticky notes reminders from Ted, your anxious supervisor.

– you’ll take a walk in the forest with your 6-year old daughter, collecting colourful leaves before heading back home to drink hot cocoa.

– errands/ grocery/ bills are handled with more precision than a Swiss event planner running high on local chocolate.

Nothing fancy. Nothing magic. No endless mantras. No hidden app to download.

Just ONE (dare I say underrated? ) tool, available 24/7 & patiently waiting in your purse, to:

say “NO” to Bernie for a last-minute meeting with the more demanding lead ever

-be unavailable on Saturdays so you can do nothing but sleeping

Rockstars Testimonials

Rockstars Testimonials ⋆


Pay in full & Save $40


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per month for 2 months

Pick Perfect Planner will help you to…

🎉 Save $$$ money (bye bye multiple planners you never us & collect dust)

🎉 Save 679 hours on overwhelming shopping trips, having hard time parking your car to not find Mrs Unicorn diary

🎉 Experience less frustration... you'll know where, when, and how to handle your daily life better than a seasoned event planner.

🎉 Feel a lot less indecisive when it comes to choosing from a cozy weekend wrapped in a blanket or a two-day travel to horror-ville

🎉 Ditch 97,6% of confusion as you mind gets sharper than an Highlander sword so you can navigate your life smoothly (while sipping a Venti French Vanilla)

🎉 Overcome perfectionism (your did the prep work, nothing can go wrong)

🎉 Be more confident (there’s NOTHING wrong with you, your life, your multi-talents, your dreams, your wishes. Not all planners are created equal)

🎉 Find which physical planner is made for you & your lifestyle at the moment.

In a nutshell, you'll...

✨ Find which layout makes sense for you, not for your BFF nor your great granny

✨ Assess your actual needs vs unnecessary fluff you’ll never use

✨ See that not all planners are created equal

✨ Know exactly what to look for online or in a shop

✨ Organize your findings in convenient cheatsheet, and handy tools

✨ Banish shining object syndrome because new doesn’t me worthy of your money/ time/ energy

✨ Feel more confident in your planning skills & decisions

Choose a pricing plan

Pay in full & Save $40


Spread the fees

per month for 2 months

What’s inside the course?


Short & Simple videos (under 5 min each) to easily grasp ideas in one shot


The 9 basic assets you must check before deciding


The priority matrix to assess your needs vs what is less useful to you


Real life examples to streamline your decisions


The comparison tool to save time, money, & energy when window shopping


(optional) The companion workbook to follow through, take notes, & get extra tips + access to an online comparison chart (value $97)

What’s NOT inside Pick Perfect Planner?

– How to set goals or resolutions

– How to start/ use/ customize a bullet journal to match your needs

– How to be more creative, artsy, decorate a planner

– Digital planner/ digital options/ digital alternatives

– accessories/ pens/ highlighters to use on a planner

– special needs planners (such as wedding, birth, bodybuilding, project manager, leagal, health, financial, savings, running, …)

– 1-on-1 coaching/ feedback

– LIVE calls/ 24/7 Q&A/ FB group

Pay in full & Save $40


Spread the fees

per month for 2 months

14-Day money back Guarantee

You can get your money-back, no question asked up to 14 days after your purchase.

Drop a line at with your order details & allow me up 3 business days to proceed.

I’m not responsible for banking delays once the refund is processing

Pick Perfect Planner

My Complete System to choosing the physical planner that fits your needs & lifestyle without giving up on planner by VDay or maxing out your credit cards

✨ The exact 9 Basics to check before buying (value $197)

✨The matrix to evaluate your needs by priority (value $197)

✨The comparison tool to save time & money while shopping online or IRL (value $197)

✨BONUS: certificate of completion (value $27)

✨BONUS: 5 tips to get started with your new planner (value $27)

✨BONUS: one tree Planted on your Behalf

Total value $767

Legal Disclaimer & Other Legal Stuff

Pick Perfect Planner is an online course released all at once, and designed to be consumed in a short amount of time. Follow the ABC Method and you rev up your chances to find your beloved planner easily.

Disclaimer: Purdey Penrose and Comfort Zone Rocks are not responsible for any decisions you choose to make. All the content designed in Pick Perfect Planner is based on my experience and could be seen as recommendations only, and therefore, Purdey Penrose releases any liability relating to the actions and decisions made by purchasers.


LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Pick Perfect Planner (as a service and/or a program content) is delivered by Purdey Penrose based on the state of art when it was recorded. Updates may be done (without any guarantee). Purdey Penrose shares her experience and makes no claims, promises, or guarantees about the absolute accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the online course, Purdey Penrose expressly disclaims liability for errors and omissions.

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