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Wouldn’t you feel like a rockstar if you could rant, mess up, declutter, AND envision your next 12 months in ONE workbook?

😰 Tossing & turning 1000+ times per night unable to properly rest?

😰 Got the impression your brain is racing in a hamster wheel (hint: there’s not gold medal) ?

😰 Tried crazy methods over the years and nothing worked for you?

You may have no one around you to support your journey ATM.

Or you seek an anchor to remind you how unique you are.

Or you’ve been so badly hurt you need something simple & affordable to get back on track.

RESET is there for you to:

💌  rant/ vent/ scream/ howl

💌  get messy/ beat perfectionism

💌 acknowledge emotions/ insights

💌  guide you step by step so you can turn your insights into minimum viable blueprint

💌  promote Me Time & calmness with Hygge

💌 embrace Comfort Zone to tame self-doubt

RESET is your first act of rebellion against self help guilt.

Because it’s never too early to be happy! RESET is NOT a planner.

It’s a 84-page workbook to let the steam out, mess things up, & turn decisions into reality.

Based on the Danish cosiness (Hygge) and my CPR Method©, RESET is your dateless companion, your lifestyle coach on the go, and your silent bestie when your life crashes.

Map, Plan, Follow through: that’s all you need to go from 😢  to 😉 

Reset is  PHYSICAL PRODUCT. Please DOUBLE CHECK your PHYSICAL ADDRESS when you check out. We can't correct typos once the order is processed. ⚠️

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