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Now, it's time to download its buddy: the exercise workbook.


Cos' the power of Comfort Zone Rocks is in the action. The more you're actively brainstorming, answering Qs, doing the exercises the quicker you'll get results. 

Plus, your brain needs a safe place to vent, rant, scream all those years of fad trends culture. 

Do yourself a favour, download it and print it ASAP.

What's inside?

- ALL the exercises you'll find in the book

- enough space to mess things up and keep having fun

- extra note pages to keep refining your results & cross your finish line at your own pace

If it's a Freebie, why a sales page?

Sure, you can grab the workbook totally free. 

But, since 2017, I plant trees for every purchase you make on my sites. In 2022, 117 trees were already planted thanks to you. 

It would mean the world to me, if you'd consider to donate $1 to support my mission

To your success and your unapologetic new way of living.
You will get a PDF (6MB) file

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