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You're a snowflake with uncanny skills but you've been brainwashed to...


that green juice is the Holy Grail of happiness when paired with meditation/ yoga at 3AM...

or you HAVE TO follow mainstream influencers even when they don't give an eff about your sanity.


lazy cos' you take some time off/ alone/ without social media

like a wicked witch cos' you flip tarot or oracle to know more about your intuition.

✨ Been there, done that. So, I got your back ✨

Nothing fancy.

No worship to Marie Kondo nor useless self-help gurus needed.

No motivation nor willpower.

Being a limited edition in a world full of cookie cutters is exhausting AF

"Don't be so shy..."

"You're so sensitive/ dreamy/ up in your head"

Every year, there's a new method to cure your "curse"... to finally shine as a real Human...

BREAKING NEWS: You're awesome AS YOU ARE. You just need a custom toolbox that fits your personality

It's like knowing where you want to go but you lost your GPS, your roadmap along the way.

Chocolate may run in my blood, but you deserve more than sugarcoated BS + fad trends + crappy solutions.

Purdey Penrose tools & resources for introverts, intuitives, offbeat to harm no one but take no shit

Hi I'm Purdey.

MAVEN, MISFIT, & MYSTIC who craves freedom, seeks (occult) wisdom, hates small talks, BS, fad trends, & mainstream crap.

In love with hard rock, red lipstick, & reading tarot/ oracle, I'm a grounded dreamer who thrives by trusting my intuition/ inner knowledge + crafting blueprints before taking a leap of faith.

I’m a firm believer that carving my own path in life require these two sides, & how to weave them is as unique as DNA.

Quick Facts

French artist with a passion for kawaii & sketchnotes. Creator of The Hygge Planner & author of Comfort Zone Rocks.

Kind words from fellow Rockstars...

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I really enjoyed your webinar. Your story resonated with me.

— Marj

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Just got my planner and I am printing it now. LOVE IT! So much juicy info.

— Ceri

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Thank you for the webinar yesterday. I appreciate all the work you're doing to support those in the "virtual world".

— Linna

[PRINTABLE PDF] MAY 2022 DATED Hygge Planner
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Need something reliable & practical to express yourself freely & stay on track?
Then, this DATED monthly planner is your perfect match. 

NO commitment -> just ONE month
NO hassle -> everything is dated
NO brainer -> 24-hour time frame for EACH day of the week
NO delivery wait/ NO lost parcel -> immediate access through PDF
NOT your typical planner -> a HYGGE planner with its CPR© method included

Download, print, & ready to use if you look for:

💕 cosiness,
💕 calmness,
💕 confidence 

The Hygge Planner is the missing piece for gently put yourself first & strengthen unwavering confidence.


✨ schedule Me Time so that you can read that book waiting on your nightstand for ages

✨ tame overthinking by spending more time experiencing joy/ fun/ laughs

✨ slow down (hello social media detox)

✨ say "Bye Felicia" to self help guilt from fad trends & overnight gurus

✨ rely on your past successes to try new adventures 

✨ turn your insights into tangible plans that work for YOU (bye bye cookie cutter approach)

✨ build up rock solid confidence

✨ nurture your creativity whether it's painting, gardening, cooking or taking a well deserved nap


The DATED monthly planner comes in two sizes (a4 and 8,5 x 11 in

💡2 months at a glance

💡cosiness survival guide (aka the Wormy Day© Outline)

💡your monthly decision & follow up

💡24-hr time frame EVERY day

💡weekly baby steps to move forward

💡 meal planner space

💡How to print at home our low ink design

💡 FREE gift: a set of blank/ ruled/ dotted pages to customize your planner/ write memories/ ....

💡 Instructions to get the most out of your DATED planner (separate PDF)


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🖨 2 pages of step by step instructions

🖨 The Hygge Planner is in PDF (you can read it with your built in software or download for free )

🖨 All margins are included 

🖨 This undated monthly planner is all print-on-demand PDF files for use at home.  If you want/need professionally printed version, visit your favourite office supply store.


For every purchase, a tree is planted on your behalf. 


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