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Dear Intuitive, Introvert, Quiet Sensitive,

Pleasing people is NOT your destiny.

You deserve a lifestyle that cares for you where you're creative, cosy, & free to be yourself



Green juice is NOT the Holy Graal

of happiness when paired with meditation/ yoga at 3AM...

or you HAVE TO follow mainstream influencers even when they don't give an eff about your sanity.

Me Time is NOT lazy time

It's OK take some time off/ alone/ without social media

It's OK to pop the orange juice when all your weekend plans are cancelled.

Flipping tarot is NOT for woowoo only

No need to be into crystals, chakras, & chanting under the Moon to get a direct link with your intuition

(if you love that & it works, keep practising)

It's time to craft a lifestyle that cares for you, first.

Nothing fancy.

No worship to Marie Kondo nor useless self-help gurus needed.

No motivation nor willpower.

Being a limited edition in a world full of cookie cutters is exhausting AF

"Don't be so shy..."

"You're so sensitive/ dreamy/ up in your head"

Every year, there's a new method to cure your "curse"... & be a real Human...

BREAKING NEWS: You're awesome AS YOU ARE. You just need a custom toolbox/ roadmap that fits your personality

Chocolate may run in my blood, but you deserve more than sugarcoated BS + fad trends + crappy solutions.

Purdey Penrose tools & resources for introverts, intuitives, offbeat to harm no one but take no shit

Who's Purdey?

She's the author of Comfort Zone Rocks who helps Intuitives & Offbeats go from pleasing people to living unapologetically by using her CPR Framework©. Her framework allows you to harm no one but take no s***, cultivate a rock-solid confidence, & trust your intuition.

Purdey's podcast (The Hygge Planner Show) has been downloaded 100 000+ times and 2000+ read her every week. Since 2017, she plants at least 100 trees/ yr to support reforestation.

Funny Facts

After 8 years spent in Montréal (Qc, Can) & Lausanne (Switzerland), she currently lives in France where she fell in love with kawaii sketchnotes.

She craves freedom, seeks (occult) wisdom, hates small talks, BS, fad trends, & mainstream crap.

Kind words from fellow Rockstars...

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I really enjoyed your webinar. Your story resonated with me.

— Marj

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Just got my planner and I am printing it now. LOVE IT! So much juicy info.

— Ceri

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Thank you for the webinar yesterday. I appreciate all the work you're doing to support those in the "virtual world".

— Linna