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What You Say About Purdey Penrose

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I really enjoyed your webinar. Your story resonated with me.

— Marj

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Just got my planner and I am printing it now. LOVE IT! So much juicy info.

— Ceri

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Thank you for the webinar yesterday. I appreciate all the work you're doing to support those in the "virtual world".

— Linna

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My Mission

Building a community of unapologetic grounded dreamers who harm no one but take no s***

Planting at least 100 trees per year

Purdey Penrose Promise

Ditch Self-Help Guilt

Bye Felicia to fad trends, overnight gurus, fake promises & guilt induced by self-help world.

Rely On Your Comfort Zone

Stack up your wins to expand your Comfort Zone beyond your wildest dreams.

Keep It Super Simple

Connect the dots between your ideas and practical blueprints so you cross the finish line with ease.